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Welcome to Stober Farms!  We are pleased to share with you our tradition of family, premium food products and sustainability.


Our products begin with the finest quality ingredients grown by select farmers, processed under rigorous standards at premium-quality facilities.  We take great pride in bringing Stober Farms’ products from our fifth-generation family farm to your table and home.  Enjoy our premium, sustainable, natural and organic products – all our best from our family to yours!


Our History

The Stober family farm has been in existence for over 100 years near Goodrich, North Dakota, where flax seed has been grown for many generations. Today’s Stobers represent the 5th generation to grow up on the family farm.

In 1901, the patriarch of the Stober Family escaped from Eastern Europe and came to America – traveling by hay cart – eventually landing and settling in North Dakota.  As a homesteader, he began farming the land, and flax seed was the first crop grown!  He also began growing other staples like barley, wheat, corn, oats and more.  As time passed, the Stober family introduced new crops and continued building and expanding until it became the 1500 acre farm it is today.  During difficult economic times, when many farms and families lost everything, the Stober Family’s entrepreneurial spirit, character and grit manifested itself and kept the farm alive against all odds.

This entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation and formation of Flax USA – a company which revolutionized the selling of milled flax to people and families all around the country, and eventually the world.  The Stobers began selling flax at a network of trade shows all around the country on a one-by-one basis, but soon found that they could not keep up with the demand at that scale.  Buyers for some of the most prominent retail chains in the country came calling, and the under the direction of the Stobers, the business exploded.  The Flax USA product went from being packaged by hand to necessitating the creation of all new processes and technologies in order to meet demand!

In 2015, Flax USA became Stober Farms – and with our new name comes a family of brand new products.  We offer many of those products today at some of your favorite retail outlets – but we are excited to bring you more great things in the future!  Keep watching here for the next great products to supplement your life and help meet your family’s nutritional needs.

We take immense pride in being a part of a family operation whose roots date back to 1901. Our family history of stability, integrity, and quality are still the trademarks for the company today.

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